Animated Server Icons of Boosted servers Auto-Play option



  • MegaFire

    I agree heavily with this; I think it's only fair to have a toggle on/off feature.


    At the very least please make it so that when you have the server selected, the icon animation auto loops PLEASE.

    It's a little frustrating that it almost feels like there's never a time that i keep my mouse over the icon to the server for long enough to see the animation play out all the way.

  • Evocracy

    Yeah, we just hit level 1 and I was disappointed to see that you have to hover....

  • shminkie


  • Houston ☢

    I can attest to this, especially now with Boosted server icons. An "Animate everything no matter the cost" button would be 10/10.
    Server Icons, Avatars, and Emotes should all be animated when the window is Focused.

  • Heck

    Pretty sure the reason it only plays while hovering is because it would be too distracting for most people and probably take more RAM than it already does.

    If they do make it show animated icons while you're not hovering they better allow you to disable it like animated emojis

  • Johnny Wild

    Strongly agreed


  • Kallvin

    I am signing this here in hopes Discord will hear our request. Please allow us to hype beyond any level previously hype-able! I promise not to abuse the GIF icon oh great and wise Discord gods, please please please!

  • thetechguy
    yeah we need this.
  • 浅漬けのガブちゃん