Connect and integrate GOG account to Discord


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  • jurbania

    I am also looking for this intergradation. +1 to this suggestion!

  • tristanfarkas
    Would these do some certain function, or would they just be displayed on your profile?
  • Forgi_Forgeth
    Apex Legends account connection is highly requested like lots of other requested connections.
  • Abelia

    Yes PLEASE

  • Nephilim1977

    Yes. Also Uplay. *cough* Anno 1800 *cough*

  • SpecialAgent

    I concur. GOG Galaxy is a whole platform for their online community. Would be nice to give people on Discord the heads up that I'm playing on GOG as I have quite a few games from them.

  • Azuma

    I concur. Is it possible to get someone from Discord to comment on whether there are any plans to integrate GOG into Discord in some way? Would love for games I'm playing through GOG to show up on Discord.

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