Password protected channels

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    Also an option to password protect DMs or the entire app even would be nice

  • Dan

    With the proper roles and permission set up, you should be able to customize your server beyond what a pw protected channel should be able to utilize. 

  • Starfield_9

    If you really are that serious about encryption, you probably shouldn't be using discord...

    Also note that while they reserve the right to look and police, they don't need to police. There is a report function and they can always install automatic filters to catch things not allowed. If something illegal is found, it would just be reported to discord and then they would remove it.

  • username
    just give people a role instead of a password
  • 彩虹喵

    Adding passwords can be used in events, and managing other users in the server. Changing roles is such a large work when you have fifty or more people to edit, besides if the channel is a single-use, you don't wanna change all the users roles back. I believe that adding in the password feature is a benefit to most of the Discord users.

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