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  • Doggo


  • Doggo

    The reason u can't edit the message other people sent is so u can't frame someone for anything...

  • !Takes a Carcino

    It limits the part that can be abused if they can only delete from it, not rearrange/add

  • SkarletShadows

    let people type how they like, its not like its a school report or something. there's way more important stuff to do. i mean you might be able to code a bot to remove a users message but have fun spending months on that.

  • Romans_120

    I agree with what some of the others have said, make some accountability. And not have this function for every post, only certain ones that would be setup by admin specifically to be edited by other mods. Very useful for a policy/rules page, or an info page. The message would then say: edited by {name /or list of names} (like what !LFT Wondeys, Dahl Star and Tim) suggested above.

  • Kvazimado

    Strange comments, I see. It seems that wherever there is such a function, all these commentators were substituted) This function is very useful - 1. When changing the rules of the server or channel, and the author of a subject is absent. It is more convenient to make changes than to write new text (especially if the information is large). 2. Some users write bad things. And it would be possible to introduce these things into the rules, but then they will be silent. With this feature, bots will appear that will edit the words, and insert instead of a single word, either asterisks or flower names). And Yes, about abuse - and the fact that moderators can ban anyone, does it bother you? Maybe someone on your server rambunctious, and during the night all PureBasic, will go into the sunset, and you have hurt the reputation, number of friends and users will leave....Discord already provides all the features so that people with low intelligence can disturb the peace of mind of users. And one more necessary function will not affect it in any way. And you, gentlemen, I recommend to choose people who will be honest before you and before your users.

  • Cam
    I *strongly* disagree. This would be abused **so** much.
  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖
    Discord is a chat app not a forum software
  • 0RI0N7

    No, it would be useful to remove unwanted links. No need bots!

  • Potzerus

    While i dont see why youd want to just keep the rest of the message if you dont want people to post links youd have to understand that this can be abused to put words into peoples mouths, i think this is a horrible idea due to those implications

  • Potzerus

    also this wouldnt make bots unneeded at all... someone would still have to edit messages manually or through a bot

  • ReaperRuler

    As a server owner who is running his server similar to a forum setup, I would definitely benefit from being able to edit posts by other users. I would only be using it on a couple of channels we have that are dynamic and updated regularly. It is far easier to be able to edit the post than to delete it and post the whole thing by myself when the idea is collaboration and crowdsourcing and the people in my server aren’t all necessarily technologically savvy but still want to help out.

    To the people who are saying it will be abused, how is that for you to decide? If you’re a staff member, you should already be enough of an adult to know how you should behave and when it is and isnt appropriate to use the edit feature. That being said, there are power-hungry admins out there, but for those who are on those servers and merely collateral damage on an ego trip, you are choosing to stay in that environment rather than splitting off and creating a better environment for your community. Limiting a feature because you’re afraid of it in your server is not an appropriate basis for an argument. This tool could be incredibly helpful for many different servers.

  • Potzerus

    Sleeping on it it might be a good idea if a message has to be made in a specific way like we have with spoiler tags so that specific perm owning people can edit it

  • ReaperRuler

    See we use the server for pokemon go and there are nests of pokemon that update every 2 weeks. Because our server covers a large area, we have a channel dedicated to reporting these nests and dedicated posters, but sometimes, it would be nice if someone other than the dedicated poster would be able to edit that persons post if they found out what was nesting there before the dedicated poster. As others have said, forums have the functionality and there’s still an equally large potential for abuse on that software as well so its only logical to allow it here and let the server admins deal with the abuse that may or may not ensue because thats what they’re there for.

  • Void

    -1, there's no non-useless reason for this idea

  • meme

    Why should this be a feature? It makes no sense. It would only be used for abuse.

  • Icarus

    Because we have game groups that need game info updated....   if only one person can update the info- that sucks!!   Clan mods or elders need to be able to edit all info as it changes. Another reason- members not always online, when group needs the new info. .  Some teams work together...no worry of abuse. 

    Besides- if admin sets the permissions, they can decide who is allowed to "edit all"....how does that lead to abuse?.  It does not.

  • Icarus

    Our game server NEEDS to allow other mods to edit game info and rule changes, and other channels that have game instructions for members!  Many elders have game knowledge that could ADD to a post on game equipment, for example.... but if the original poster isnt online, then no one gets the useful information.


    As for abuse. Please- LET IT BE DECIDED BY EACH SERVER owner. I dont want you abuse-cryers to decide what our team can and cant do on our server.   Because we dont have anyone in a mod position that would abuse anyone. 


    IF you are a server-owner ---and you know that you have a potential for abusive mods or members, then, SIMPLE: DON'T ALLOW the EDIT OPTION....

    SERVER OWNERS CHOICE.   No wins for paranoia.

  • Doggo

    you know that anyone could be an admin or server owner right? I created a server when I first joined Discord and I was very childish back in that ere, but none the less I was a server owner right?

  • ReaperRuler

    Yes, anyone can be a moderator or server admin. Using that as a fear tactic is not appropriate. If the member base doesn’t like what the administrator is doing, they leave. It’s pretty simple. Especially if it’s so easy to create a discord server.

    Using the argument that server admins can be childish and that means that no admin, responsible or otherwise, can edit messages is baseless and generalist for no reason

  • Rob ( AgentoUK )

    I think a lot of people who saying "this will be abused" are thinking what THEY or the admins for servers they are in WOULD do. Neither of these in my opinion is a valid argument against adding this as a permission for RESPONSIBLE people to help edit rule posts etc. If you don't trust people to act responsibly, then they shouldn't have this responsibility.

  • Rob ( AgentoUK )

    So @Doggo, because YOU were childish, NOONE else can be trusted?

  • Doggo

    No I was just giving an example of how literally anyone can be a mod or an admin and how it can easily be abused, I said nothing about how Everyone was very childish

  • Rob ( AgentoUK )

    @Doggo. The point is not "literally anyone" IS an admin. Whoever creates a server decides EXACTLY who is given MOD or ADMIN access. If you ran a server, and you didn't trust someone, would YOU give them possibly destructive power?


    I feel your reluctance is based on the quality of people you know on Discord. If you ran a server with 1000+ members and had a team of mods, you'd understand the actual issue 

  • monkey10012438

    The point of the matter is that you can trust who ever you want but anyone who can gain your trust can also lose it just as easily. So even if the person you trust seems like a really good person they could eventually ruin your trust and do stuff that could hurt your discord server immensely and it'd be too late because the damage is already done. Of course you're gonna put people who you trust in power but just because you can trust them doesn't mean you should.

  • ReaperRuler

    But again, that is your problem as the server administrator to deal with. You put the person in charge and you can deal with the consequences. Plus there are plenty of bots like Logger that tell you how a message was edited so you can fix it. This fearmongering is not a solid platform for an argument. This permission should be up to the server owner’s discretion to distribute to their staff members if they see fit and it is their responsibility alone, NOT the community’s, to determine the appropriate consequences for abuse of power. Dealing with abuse of power, including the editing of people’s posts by a staff member, should be outlined in any discord server’s rules and regulations. Anyone who has a server but doesn’t have a formal rule document displayed somewhere is asking for trouble as well as abuse but that again is their cross to bear so to speak. It still should be a permission available to server admins to do with as they see fit.

    Again, if you are part of a community on a discord server with a staff member who is abusing their power, create a group chat with people you trust and discuss creating a different server and moving over there. Servers are nothing without a dedicated user base. Saying that admins shouldn’t be able to use this power because they can abuse it is baseless and wrong. Especially since you arent in power and arent making the decisions, you’re just fearmongering.

  • cool

    no because then you could fabricate fake messages to ruin others reputations

  • Ichii

    Or also mark it as "Make this message editable" and then server Administrators can edit the message

  • MyriaCore

    This actually strikes me as a really interesting idea, mainly because it would allow bot authors to effectively make their own chat commands.

    If you like the 's/typo/correction' chat command, but maybe wanted other sed-like commands, you could write a bot for that. You could allow for "did you mean x?" behavior to reprocess incorrectly written bot commands, too. If any user wanted any other chat based command to be supported, they wouldn't have to wait up for Discord Team to graciously spend their time on it - they could add it themselves. When you look at it that way, by implementing this, you'd also be implementing every "can you add chat command x?" request, which frequently pops up here in dreamland.

    Plus, this might be one of the only ways to allow for "user posted embeds" in a way that doesn't break TOS, because a bot could add an embed to a user's message as an edit.

    The way I see it, allowing for this as an *option* would do far more good than harm, especially considering most arguments against this seem to have no way of reconciling the potential good this could do other than just declaring "it'd be bad".

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