Wumpus Items


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  • I’m baby

    According to Discord support, the Wumpus Plushie is sacred and is strictly only given away during charity streams and is sometimes on sale at events. I think they’ll keep it as a limited item.

  • Vortex1000


  • megannnjay
  • zSnails


  • ❄⛄Alexiunea⛄❄

    I  want a wumpus plushie

  • mal0004

    Yes !

  • Krobo

    wumpus plushies are given out by discord through competitions or by what means they wish(eg to their moderators on official discord servers and giveaways to hypsquad members). It is meant to be an exclusive thing and therefore discord will not sell them in stores

  • Frosty
  • Anatomis (Perfect)

    Nothing to say except than yes, so YES!

  • Fnction


  • do u kno da wae

    YESS  !!!!

  • do u kno da wae

    We All Need It !

  • GAMERgirl_123450

    I kinda wished I got a Wumpus Plushie

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