Achievements SDK?


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  • twiikuu

    In the Game SDK, there's an undocumented Achievement Manager, have you tried using it?

  • loudmog

    I agree! Would play my free nitro games if they had achievements! (I've subbed since the beginning!)

  • Ginger

    @twiikuu. Which file would it be in? I haven't tried using it. Does it work? I'm not sure where it would show your achievements.


    Secondly, I'm not sure if it's worth putting games on Discord anymore since they only show Nitro games in their store front. So it would get not promotion. AFAIK.

  • twiikuu

    Depends on which language you're using, in C it's IDiscordAchievementManager in the header, in C++ it's achievement_manager.h/cpp, in C# it's AchievementManager in

    I haven't had the chance to test it yet, I couldn't tell you if it worked.

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