Sudo suggestion


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  • Mr.Mask

    Seriosly i would not like downvotes without a comment

  • username
    That's a -1 from me. Even as an admin-only thing, I see this being easily abused.
  • PiggyPlex

    I don't see why you would want to do that. That would literally be like giving your token to someone; they could make API requests on your behalf. It would be abused, and it is thus not a good idea

  • Mr.Mask

    It is like for used to test permisions and Trolling

    it would be an owner-only thngi or added on a permision

  • Sky_Dragonsz

    If you want to test permissions make a new account and test it with that. 

    What you are suggesting can and WILL be abused. 


    Imagining this if this was implemented: 

    Admin account getting hacked in a large community -> sudoing users/bots into sending malicious links or disguising it as a notification from bot because you sudo it. 


  • Mr.Mask

    DO you expect everyone to have a spare gmail acc oh wait no they dont

  • Sky_Dragonsz

    10 minute mail, also gmail accounts are free and making one is 1 minute of work. 

    I have a spare gmail account for sites I don't trust or for test purposes. 


    "It is like for used to test permisions and Trolling

    How are you going to test permissions with a sudo command?

    Ask a friend to join your server and take control over him with sudo? Why not directly asking him what to do and getting live feedback. 


    That's why I suggested an extra account for test purposes. 



  • ProfessorPixel

    i could see this being implemented but it should have some restrictions like owner only or somthin like that.

    you could use it to send messages as bots or harmless trolls or whatever. there could be a cooldown limit for usage even for the owner


  • ıllıllı 𝙳𝙹 𝚉𝚒𝚝𝚔𝚊 ıllıllı

    That's a awesome idea! You could have so much fun trolling people with it! 

  • Mr.Mask

    its a good idea to add sudo plz upvote you discord ruiners


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