New Feature request to support live streaming from macs


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  • Brightness™
    As far as I know, it is possible to watch streams on Mac - just not be the streamer. I really hope that streaming is available on Mac soon, though.
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  • ay3dee

    I host 99% of the game nights on my server, and I'm a Mac user. Disappointed that I'll have to stick to Twitch for now

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  • ProAviTrucker_M31_1537565491

    Its seems that with the gaming community they think that most gamers are only on windows but I play ETS2 and MC and want to stream it to my friends. 

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  • erland

    we need mac support


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  • Assasingus14

    Please, lets get that mac support for streaming!!! Other streaming services such as Kast are not as good

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  • Pf

    We want more features on mac for a better experience on discord


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  • Nia

    Hmm, a bit sad we can’t stream on mac. I know this is a gamer app and then Windows will always be privileged. But you know, even if i would like to stream some games, i would also like to stream my art sometimes (CS, Aseprite) ...

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  • sendaisies

    We need this feature on mac please !

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  • Pinkmargarita


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