Go Live auto pausing preview when in game


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  • Nikae

    1000% this

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  • KruZe

    +1 to an Option to disable the Pausing please.

    I play a couple different games on my PC at the same time.  I would like to keep streaming the game I am streaming while I play a game that I do not want to be streamed. 


    Another issue I have, the game I stream, it has some Pop Up menus like a Combat Timer/Choose your Action, and when the Combat Timer pops up Discord considers it a new window being focused on and also Auto-Pauses the game while I choose my action in the game...


    Love this new Live feature though! Look forward to the above possible changes in the future.

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  • Madman1397

    +1 on this. I've already run into numerous occasions where I was streaming to my group, and my stream had apparently frozen completely. And of course I couldn't tell at all, because all I can see is the "your stream is still running!" message, and not my actual stream. I could only tell it was frozen because multiple people watching had informed me. I understand the idea of pausing the stream to save resources, but typically, the people that choose to stream stuff like games at watchable qualities very likely already have the hardware to support a visible preview alongside it without choking resources. At the very least an option to disable pausing would be wonderful. I have multiple monitors and want to see what viewers see.

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  • Exaust

    upvote here ! 
    It would be cool to turn on/off this option !

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  • Manzana

    Yes! please! :)

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  • MakkerHeineken

    I would like this option

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