Preview of files above 50mb


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  • Sara

    This is something a lot of, if not all the 20 boosted servers would enjoy. 

    Videos are an increasingly important part of communication and 50mb is an awfully low threshold.

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  • [VIVA ID-1044] Sanguinem Luna

    I absolutely agree with this. I was excited for the 100 MB cap on files for Nitro subscribers, but was disappointed when I found out videos over 50 MB get no preview/player. I often clip gaming moments and then edit them down in 1440p30FPS. The file sizes, depending on the brightness or what's happening in the game scenes in the clips, they can be anywhere from 18 MBs for a 10 second clip (when scenes are dark or not much is happening) or upwards of 70-100 MBs for 10 seconds (when scenes are bright or have a lot going on). It would be super nice if videos over 50 MBs got an in-app preview/player like those under 50 MBs do.

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