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  • i am a devil

    I agree with this mainly due to the Apple Music integration support idea. Having a connection for Apple Music on iOS, tvOS, and macOS and the iOS Game Center to show what games we're playing on iOS (EX: Tuber Simulator) and what song we're listening to on Apple Music (EX: Never gonna give you up, get rick rolled by the way). This would be an amazing integration because because I personally use Apple Music a lot more than I use Spotify, and I would love to let people know what i'm listening to. And the Game Center integration would be amazing also because if I wanted to know if my friend was on a certain game, and I know that he/she has their Game Center account linked, I could check their profile to see what they are playing. 

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  • Lil Phantom 🎉16🎉 TILL BDAY

    same i agree i just got IOS and i miss that feature i also want to see there being Apple Music in the connections

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