New UI is awful


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  • regen

    Very much agreed. It was a good effort and the new UI does work, but it both looks abysmal, and makes it much much harder to read anything in the chat.

    I'd recommend either giving an option to toggle back to how it looked before, or flat out undoing the update. It was great before, and the new appearance just isn't something I want to use.

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  • owler

    agreed!! as someone with sensory issues also (and i made a post about this as well) it literally gave me anxiety to look at for too long and made my head spin! i have to use mobile to look at what my friends have sent me and its bumming me out that its so inaccessible now.

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  • Queen

    The lack of spacing is terrible for me. The way it was before was perfect, but I had to increase the space between message groups to 24px and it still doesn't look good. I miss the lines in between the messages. It's hard to tell when there's a new speaker. Also the new hover thing is really distracting to me, I like the more subtle look it had before. Please undo this update, Discord. 

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  • TheMarkus1204

    There is a spacing option for messages in settings... Have you tried this?

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