How can I return to the old version? [ui is bad ]


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  • ExtoNov

    I totally agree with you. It is SUPER AWFUL :(

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  • Dddsasul

    Yup, new highlight thing is extremely annoying and there's not disable button. For the love of god when you make such a big change put a disable button.

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  • Shinooh

    It's really awful. I preferred the older version (before the newest update) a lot more. My problem with the current one is that it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing, it doesn't seem clean and ''organized'' ( e.g. the lines that separated messages were imo making it look clean), and it's not even possible to turn it off.

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  • Jayson.

    You can't atm

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  • eishiya

    A partial workaround: you can disable those large emoji reaction suggestions by disabling "show emoji reactions on messages" in the Text & Images options. You won't be able to see or make emoji reactions, but at least you can read the chat without major distractions.

    Would be really nice to get those nice line breaks back. I didn't realize just how much easier they made reading chat before they disappeared.


    The emoji reaction change seems designed for mobile/touchscreens, since there's no mouse hover there and thus the reactions only show up when you tap a message, and having the suggestions isn't a bad idea by itself. But on PC it's awful because they show up on hover.

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  • Mack Daddy

    To further add, the new UI Reactions bar that pops up accidentally covers part of the message above it, making scrolling to read chat a pain in the backside if i accidentally move the mouse whilst scrolling. I have to keep moving my mouse out of the way just to be able to read chat. Terrible design choice.

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  • Eric 🐺

    custom css but it's against discord TOS. i'm sure that hasn't stopped many, though, this update is god awful and they know it at this point. There's no way all this chatter hasn't reached them. This is becoming an endurance war at this point, hopefully they let up before we do.

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