Channel and Category Name in Mobile Push Notifications



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    Dabbit Prime

    This was a bug which has now been fixed. In the future if you'd like to report a bug please read over this article:

  • Azrael

    This is actually a bug at the moment we have recorded!

  • Grey Wolf

    Thank you. I was unaware.

  • Spectrah

    Just a heads up, I reached out to support and they say this is an intended feature.

  • Grey Wolf

    That's what my impression was. I emailed and was told I should make a post for people to comment on.

  • Alexa Brooke

    Liked it better with the information attached, just made it easier for me

  • Spectrah

    I just don't understand the new system, like who complained that they saw which channel a post was from? I'm very sad about this new update, I'm in too many channels with notifications on, some NSFW & some social chats. Really frustrating.

  • Tanora AKA Neko

    I too want it back to the old way, this is too frustrating

  • Spectrah

    Amen to that. Hopefully we can generate alpt of activity here in this support area. Please if you agree upvote the original post, maybe we can get a discord employee to respond to us!

  • Waifu of Straifu

    I find this new feature really annoying, and it's very hard to see where my notifications are coming from exactly

  • Strife

    Please fix this, I am having a lot of trouble discerning where my notifications are

  • Carlos Isaac

    please fix this


  • llulip


  • Azrael

    A hotfix was pushed today as Discord Android App ver 8.1.0, don't know why support is saying it was an intended feature because it isn't.

  • Spectrah

    How do we go about getting this update? I don't see it in the play store yet.

  • Azrael

    Currently the fix is in Android alpha which you can sign up for at
    Also if I could ask which support member told you that this was an intentional change

  • Spectrah

    Hmm, are you a discord employee or something of the sort?

  • DaleCooper74

    We were affected by this frustrating bug two day ago as well and it really mess up the notifications on mobile!

    Everyone on our server relies heavily on seeing which channel the notification comes from! The seemingly random numbers adds nothing to the Discord experience rather takes away from it.

    The update today fixed parts of the problem, but still is not solved. Please, do fix this!

  • Spectrah

    PSA: If you sign up for discord beta they have an update that fixes it!

  • Spectrah

    Shout out to Azrael who gave me this tip! Very helpful individual.

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