Discord needs a LITE version!


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  • Pentaly

    i definitely need this, my laptop only have a dual core cpu and discord took almost 30% cpu usage when connected to a voice channel

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  • happydude50000

    Google for ripcord that just works and is lite version. doesn't use GPU or isn't bloated, very small and efficient. I like it. Discord just doesn't care about this kind of version and thats why the Ripcord gave birth.

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  • Zombinsomniac

    Fact of the matter is, Discord USED TO BE "Discord LITE", it's why I started using it. But then the bloatware creep happened.

    I get that they want to make profit off of it, and power to them, but the current idea blows.

    Just charge for a stripped down version with no ads and no "I want to be steam when I grow up" functions. Just the chat/voice functions. And I will buy it.

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  • YourDeadPixels

    They either need a LITE version, or they need to add options to disable things we don't use. Like disabling the store page, things like that. I am using a Surface Pro 3, and sitting IDLE with discord open makes the fan kick on. People saying "use the browser version" are annoying because it's harder and slower to navigate via the browser. The actual discord app works better for right clicking to delete or get things you need, where in the browser you can't. We need a LITE version that is just a basic text and talk app. PLEASE DISCORD.

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  • doubleplanking

    The bloat is the main reason I hate Discord. A bunch of chat rooms should never use this much RAM and CPU. It's ridiculous that it even needs a splash screen.

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  • Marc l'Ours

    The team speaking hamoniously wont come from discord.

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