Alternative Method to obtaining the Warframe Reverence Pack for those who already have the game installed.


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  • PolitelySpooky

    Agreed! It's a huge pain to have to re-download it, couldn't we just link our accounts to get the pack?

  • Ten 🌈
    You don't have to re-download Warframe to claim it. Read:
  • RayCharlie

    Yeah well that doesn't work for everyone either (I being one of those...).

  • Darkangel NeXuS

    It didn't work for me either.. log into game, open market, says "already owned" go to try it on, and it says i have to buy the bundle...

    Seriously wish discord would have just given us a code instead, i really don't want to have to go through all the time consuming download, update, and "optomizing download cache..." bs again. :(

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