A Discord Exclusive Anti-Cheat System


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  • Hurtz

    Last thing we need is to add Steam-style bloat. Anti-cheat measures can be implemented on a per-game basis.

  • MiniDarkOF

    some indie developers don't have budget to pay anti-cheat services and it's hard to program some anti-cheat measures, so a anti-cheat system would be very helpful
    Incidentally, the intention of the discord was not to give support to all indie developers?

  • Hurtz

    If the indie devs got the money to have public servers onto which an anti-cheat measure would be needed, they got the money for the anti-cheat. As for being hard to program - I know for a fact the Epic marketplace for UE4 has at least one anti-cheat module for sale - Unity is probably similar, and few devs make their own engine nowadays.

    Otherwise, it boils down to private servers. Let people cheat on private servers if they want to cheat. 

    And yes, Discord's store was to provide support to all indie developers *by developing a fair sale platform*. Last I checked, providing extra services beyond the sale point and the Discord integration was not part of their plan. I could be wrong though. 

  • MiniDarkOF

    Anyway, I hope someone from the discord will respond to this post, I'm hopeful that they will someday create an anti-cheat, but for now I'll try to protect my code as much as possible in Unity

    (since all cheats come from the game code)

  • Toothless NEO

    Please don't add scanning anti-cheat bloatware like Valve does I love using your service for chatting if it has bloatware like steam I will have to stop using discord because my computer has low memory and I literally only use discord for chatting with friends

  • 👌ᴇᴀᴛᴛʜᴀᴛᴩɪᴇ👌

    What the shrek? Remove the game from the user? What even

  • Toothless NEO

    Yes valve does do it they also put a red status on your account that can't be hidden that shows how many vac bans you have their goal is to make you feel as bad about yourself as possible basically they're trying to break you so that you go rebuy all your games and give them more money on a new account truthfully the only reason I ever got steam was cuz I had a friend in USA who only had steam no discord but they got vac banned and they deleted their account so I lost touch with them and to this day I still rarely use steam

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