Add way to search/jump to specific member in member list


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  • megannnjay

    If you have the necessary permissions to go into Server Settings > Members you can search for users by name. Additionally, though not specific to your example, you can also filter the members by role


    Additionally, if you turn on the welcome announcements, it'll tell you when someone joins and their username will be clickable and roles can be added that way

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  • Frozwald

    I agree that it would be nice to have a way to search for names in the chat. Usually, I just want to find my own name to see which role(s) I have since I have joined servers where this changes occasionally, and I lose track of where I sit in the members list.

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  • Pepy

    I would want to be able to view people's profiles directly from the search results as well for various reasons, primarily to check my roles. If you can set a nickname though, you can just pick one temporarily to make the scrolling easier.

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