iPhone Nickname


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  • Galacius

    Here’s a picture of an Android User’s menu:


    Here’s a picture of an iPhone user’s menu


    iPhone users are missing features that android users have. iPhone is just as widespread as android and they’re getting the ability to do more on their mobile devices. That’s great for them, but iPhone is just as big and not everyone will have an android device.

  • Mimi

    Hi there! You can edit nicknames on iOS devices, by going to server settings>Members>click member. Their nickname should pop up and be editable.

  • Galacius

    Yes that’s one way of doing it but that doesn’t help me here. If you have a large server of say over 50k people and you try doing that - your app will freeze and will need to be restarted. My original point is android users have a button whereas iPhone users have to have their apps freeze just to use the same function as android.

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