Hiding Discord Nitro Boost status


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  • Fiendir

    Just being able to disable the purple HEY I'M HELPING text would be amazing, especially since it overwrites your chosen role colour!

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  • garballax

    i too would like the option to hide the boost emblem as a server administrator, at the very least from the member list

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  • Multarix

    This would be a nice thing to do, it looks crowded with the crown for the server owner, also the fact that for some reason the nitro boost icon breaks as shown in the picture.


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  • thetechguy
    why? don't you want people to know you support a certain server?
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  • Sqdw

    Please discord allow me to hide this. First of all this symbol, especially in pink, highly resembles a very inappropriate symbol (at least in my country), and also I really don't want other people in discord to be aware, I had no idea I cannot disable the icon, so now I am really tempted to just get rid of Nitro.

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  • nin9swells

    Agree with this idea.
    It's basically allowing us to give anonymous donation to the server. While some people want to show their support to the public, some don't. Able to choose not showing to all members or all-members-but-administrator.

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