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  • ۩۞۩๑Ŵ.Đ GΔŞŦ€Ř๑۩۞۩

    Usuário de relatório:

    razão: enviando a mesma mensagem muitas vezes (spam)

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  • SYSTEM v3 Revision 8

    User A: 662344489570009120

    User B: 662337924263837706


    They both joined at a similar time. They both posted images of mutilated human corpses, schwastickas and white supremacy images. They also spammed these images along with Alabama flags.

    Server ID: 637068664188829706


    Update: I caught another one right before they were about to start doing it


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  • Newpixel

    Usuário Relatado - ID : 353839413379465227

    Razão : Scam - Me mandou um arquivo .bat que podeira danificar o meu computador, ofensivo

    Id das mensagens: 662445164182110208  662446009795870742  662446021204377600



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  • 🎄| Sky Noob |🎄

    I am reporting a user for asking my friends for "pictures" not just regular pics

    User ID: 622878386712477708

    Picture links:

    Btw the top and bottom vids are tik toks they look like pics they are not.

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  • ✝ E-girl ᶠᵘᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ ✝

    I am reporting a user for the guy was asking for my nudes in exchange for nitro

    User ID: 140864581718376450

    Picture :

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