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    Dabbit Prime

    Hey everyone! Super happy to announce that thanks to your suggestions and feedback, Spoiler Tags just launched on Desktop, Android and iOS! The syntax to use them is

    ||text, links, pretty much anything here||


    /spoiler OMG snape kills dumbledore

    Thank you all for your contributions and keep being awesome!!

  • difity [on holiday]

    So basically like NSFW but with spoilers??

  • Vedd

    Like you have to tell certain people something. But not everyone might want to know. So you include a spoiler tag inside your message, and the ones that want to see the spoiler can click on something like 'Show spoiler' or 'Unfold' etc.

  • agenderemrys

    @difity I imagine it'd be more like how spoiler tags worked on forums, with a 'click to show spoiler' message, than a whole channel tag. In discord I'd imagine something like the 'show blocked user message' window, but perhaps in a different colour/still showing the username to visually differentiate them. 

  • anime

    I support the addition of spoiler tags as text mark-up, just like using asterisks for italics and boldface, or tildes for strike-thru.  The spoiler tag can simply color the text to be identical to the background, so someone can select the text to recolor it and thus make it readable.  That's easy and common.  Or scripting could be used to hide the text behind a spoiler mask until the mask / link was clicked.  Either way, it's very useful (particularly when discussing the plot in certain games) to be able to avoid spoiling things for players who haven't got to that point in the game yet ... and for myriad other uses.

    Today, 13,200 people support this idea.  Let's see it implemented soon!

  • A Blob

    Why in the world is this still not a thing?
    People wanted this for months, heck years, they vote a ton for it. But you still don't make it a thing.
    What is wrong with you, Discord?

    Here, let me make a mock-up image to make it that much easier for you. Now you don't even need to pay the UI designer!

    Okay, it's not perfect, but it's a quick and dirty mockup. I'm sure you can make it look better with some programming skillz.

  • Togusa

    Great mock-up.  (Actually a bit over the top, but it illustrates the point.  :-)

    Put someone on this, Discord programmers!



  • Malpheus

    Really nice and simple mock up for them to work with and something I have wanted for far too long.

    Please Discord?

  • A Blob


    Huh... I guess we'll get spoiler tags soon-ish? That screenshot isn't from me, by the way. I guess that could still be faked. But if it isn't: Thank. you.

  • Spoon, Deity of Eldritch Floof

    nah it's real all right. came here to see if there were text spoilers too

  • Spoon, Deity of Eldritch Floof

    but t doesn't look like there are yet


  • Luke18033

    Also showing up for me. Checking the box causes the image to be hidden until clicked on. There's apparently also a way to mark text as a spoiler, but I'm not sure how.

  • NARbluebear

    You have to surround spoiler text with curly brackets in order to mark text as a spoiler. For example: {{Spoiler}}

  • Togusa

    Any idea when this will be released?

  • Annziiti

    Using Brackets worked for me the first time but after that none of my messages where spoilers anymore and I don't understand why or if people are seeing things differently from me.  I asked a few people and they all said that they could see my message just fine and it never got the spoiler.

  • NARbluebear

    Ahem... With the curly brackets surrounding the text, you also have to enable Developer Mode.

  • magumagu

    still waiting for dis

  • dudebot


    We've been waiting for this for 2 years! It's the 5th most voted request on these forums. Come on step it up Discord.

  • Kakyou

    They should tag this as in development: https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/a3zov7/spoiler_tags/

  • Pablo

    It's already out as an experimental feature (which you can use with betterdiscord) Usage: "{{TEST}}" but first you have to enable it 

  • megannnjay
    I *believe* a spoiler functionality is in the works, not sure how long it'll be to launch though
  • Majora

    Please add this. It would improve QOL like no other. It's so hard to discuss plots of things without going into the spoiler zone.

  • megannnjay
    I believe this is currently in the earliest stages of testing - fingers crossed it releases soon!
  • 🌀Eliasbw444🌀

    Nice idea!

  • Purpzie

    Here it is in action on Android Alpha! You simply tap to reveal.


  • trinarycode

    possibly do this with like a ^^and^^ to make the and hidden with spoilers, but also when uploading an image, video, .pdf, etc. if the comment added contains a (^^^), it would spoilerify the file

  • Luci

    All we really need now is TestFlight, can’t wait! The dev team work hard, I have high hopes for future inclusions.

  • figboot

    Spoilers are a thing now, just if you enable developer mode

  • Aida Enna

    I don't see it in an image preview or any other way to use them. How does it work? I have developer mode enabled in stable.

  • figboot

    Try using double-pipes: ||a||

    Also, give Canary a try. That's the version I can confirm it on

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