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  • Aida Enna

    Tried on canary and stable - it removes the doublepipes but doesn't appear to do anything to the text itself. Probably being rolled out or something. I'll try again in a few hours, thanks!

  • Pablo

    || || works for me but I'm pretty sure it was something else before 

  • NARbluebear

    Well, no spoiler tags atm... Using both methods. Top: Curly Brackets ({}). Bottom: Double Pipes (||).

  • figboot

    Nope. ||a|| works if you're in developer mode. But not the lame developer mode ("Copy ID" in a context menu), the *real* developer mode.

  • qsie

    @figboot which would be...?

  • trinarycode

    can i trust figboot with that command? it tells me not to

  • LucidCypher

    I don't understand the command, but I wouldn't use it unless I understood it, a close friend understood it, or an actual dev told me that it was safe.  There's every chance that fig is phishing or that fig innocently picked it up from the internet not knowing that someone else was phishing.

  • qsie

    From my understanding of the code, and having tested it on a dummy account, it doesn't do anything explicitly harmful. It is writren to set normally inaccessible variables, mainly "isDeveloper" to true. From my testing, though, the injected script did nothing, only saying that it was resolved (a.k.a no issues running it). However, I still suggest you don't run it if you do not trust either the source (fig) or code.

    Back to the topic at hand: are there any ways similar to this we can access "true" developer mode, if there is one? And, more importantly, would there be any timeframe from Discord on implementation of this?

  • Togusa

    My Android Discord app updated tonight, and double-pipe spoilers are working now.  Hooray!  Now just waiting for it to appear in the PC update...  (PC version updated after I closed and relaunched Discord, but double-pipes aren't working there yet...)

  • qsie

    From the beta tester changelog, Discord Android:

    "Discord Season 3 DLC drop:
    -A hidden feature. But surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one [sic]."

  • ! wii chicken

    It's not on mine. I'm using Canary. I think it was rolled out to a percent of users. But if it was, then can somebody tell me the percent that it was rolled out to?

  • zSnails

    i don't know if this is a joke or someting but spoiler tags are already a thing, just update your client

  • jv110

    Yeah. They're using || because that's the syntax for the spoiler tags. You must be on a pretty old version if it neither gets shown without the || nor hidden.

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