Add Right to Left (RTL) support to Discord


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  • soshmak

    why text left again? :(

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  • Rami Emad

    I really love Discord, and I am building my server to move my whole AstroGate team and my viewers on YouTube to it; but having so many bugs in Notifications, API Integration with Asana, and RTL Arabic text messed up; this is making me feel that maybe my decision to move to Discord is a wrong decision. Please, fix the Arabic RTL text direction, it is really a BIG shame that we still have that all over the internet in 2020! Come on; Arabic is written and spoken by 400 million people; it shouldn't really be that hard to fix the RTL direction thing!
    My tweet here will explain it all with screenshots and examples made into English to clarify how bad it is!

    Thank you so much, I am really willing to working with you to make Discord the most perfect app there is, let us help in that.

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