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  • Zacle


  • Kotaru

    This. It is the reason I do not use twitch games. PLEASE let me play offline games without internet connection.

  • IcelandicAsian

    I’m a frequent flyer, and internet is not always available on board an airplane. Plus, $10 is too much for an internet connection when it is available just to be able to gain access to games I already have downloaded.

  • Mute Bear

    i dont know why this isnt an option. i mean you download the game onto your pc so its not like internet is required at all. 


  • IcelandicAsian

    It's just more overkill DRM BS.  Honestly, if they want to DRM to make sure I don't share the game with my friends because they want their money, you know what, that's fine.  But to take it even further and require an internet connection just to play a game?  Really?  I mean I thought Rockstar went far enough requiring activation every couple of days, so I couldn't play GTA V when I was out in the middle of nowhere for two weeks with no internet, but this is just absolutely ridiculous what Discord is doing.

  • Blastoise186
    This sounds like a complicated one, but it would definitely help if I could at least play offline for at least a limited amount of time, such as a few days before re-verifying my entitlements.
  • megannnjay
    Seeing as at the moment the app doesn't even load at all when offline, this might be a long ways off, if they do it at all
  • waffles
    this wouldn't make much sense, most of the games are multiplayer anyways
  • Blastoise186
    While this wouldn't work for multiplayer games, it could potentially be possible for single player games in the future. I'd be interested in keeping an eye out

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