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    Dabbit Prime

    This was a bug, not a feature. It has also been fixed. In this future, if you want to report a bug please read over this article:

  • DaleCooper74

    We're experiencing the same on our server today! Really frustrating as server members rely on this exact information in our notifications.

    We've found that this bug happens Android users and not our users on IOS. 

    Update: now, unfortunately  some users on IOS start to experience the same. 

    We would appreciate a quick fix!

    Thank you so much in advance! 

  • Spectrah

    I reached out to support and they said that this is an intended feature.

  • DaleCooper74

    Seriously? Why would they do that?

  • Spectrah

    Literally no idea.

  • DaleCooper74

    No disrespect, Spectrah, but could they have misunderstood the issue? What does a long string of seemingly random numbers add to a notification that had basic, meaningful info in it?

  • Spectrah

    I tried to be very clear, I even provided a screenshot to support.

  • kingzing

    I complained about the be thing and got a similar response. This is what they intended

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