Edit ban/kick reason


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  • Nicolai9852

    I mean, if you have the ID of the person, you can easily
    - Unban the person
    - Write <@ID>
    - Right click and press ban
    - Enter new reason

  • nddragoon

    the POINT of audit logs is that nothing in them should be able to just change

  • FrenchMasterSword

    @nddragon I am talking about the reason itself, displayed when checking banned users of a server.

    "Such edits should obviously be logged"

    I NEVER implied to change any log. It would probably look like :
    <Mod> banned <bad person>
    <Mod> edited ban reason for <bad person>
        -Before: No reason was provided
         After: Spamming NSFW content in many channels.


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