Discord steals focus a lot


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    Hi, sorry you're having this problem. If you'd like help in troubleshooting your issue, please fill out this form: https://dis.gd/contact However, since this website is for suggestions on new features to add to Discord I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

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  • Iucharbius

    So, I have the same feedback to give. I actually started off by filling that form, but was redirected to search the feedback and either upvote the topic or create a new one. Being sent back to the contact form isn't helpful, honestly. I've upvoted this topic and the one other similar topic that I could find.

    What is the right way to escalate this feedback?

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  • Tyroneslovechild

    same problem I don't even have to be sitting at my pc and discord window pops to front not a big deal unless your browsing/gaming or about anything else and it happens then it gets frustrating. 

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