Allow server owners to designate roels as self assignable


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  • ItsDrippySauce

    I get the concept of this however, it just would not make sense to add this feature within discord. We have bots and community made things put into place for this, integrating this into discord would be the same thing regardless if it was a user joining in feature or within a channel. 

    Suggestions: Learn the bots or code em. 

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  • Xarthros

    I get your point, but the issue here is that having self-assignable roles is a feature that is used by virtually every public server out there. It's another thing that owners need to set up and properly configure with the numerous and bug-ridden bots out there. The changes required for native support of this would probably be minimal (At least from a UI perspective) and integrating it into the UI itself would allow for a simpler, cleaner management of roles by both users and server owners. 

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  • ☯S0LiD & Crew🐺

    Workaround: give users superior roles to ones you want to add

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  • ItsDrippySauce

    It just a no from me this platform has many uses but this one right here just isn't needed a large downvote to this post, I see the hustle out there and thats okay but this right here just isn't the way. 

    1.) We have community made bots for this and well known developers in place to assist you.

    2.) Discord could implement anything however this idea show's the lack of coding experience 

    3.) Many problems arise with this and coincidentally a built in system requires you to learn their coding from it technically with if not identical bot setup's.


    Stay ambitious of course though it leads back to the same well known bot creators no need to re-invent the wheel. 

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