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  • Northern
    Bit confused on what you are suggesting here. Are you suggesting, A) To reduce the avatar changing cool down?, B) Remove passwords when changing profile pictures?, or C) Crack down on people using animated profile pics without nitro??
  • koi

    You don't have to enter your password everytime...you just change your avatar and save, there isn't a need to enter everytime, as I do the same with changing my avatar every few hours and I do so without having to enter my password everytime. I have both android/apple devices as well as the desktop app so I know it works.

  • Ael

    OMG indeed Koi o_O
    Why did i never tryed ??? The power of asterisk making me think all this time that this was a required field :facepalm:
    Well thanks for the answer lmao

  • koi

    yup, no problem ael :ok_hand:

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