Allow Nitro (basic) users to send embeds


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  • undermaster
    If you're a user and sent an embed, you would be considered as a selfbot and if normal users can do this, it would be abused and I would absolutely hate it to be abused. If they're going to implement this, the embed for normal users shouls have different look and different resources than the bot and make sure that the bot cant send the embed look the user can so that people can differ if a user is a selfbot or not. I like this idea in some circumstances but as what I said above, it can be abused
  • Ichii

    How do we make the embed as a non-bot user ? With JSON ? It will be such a pain when you'll want to send an embed to write all the code in JSON to send the embed


  • thetechguy
    this is useful to make messages look beautiful.
  • Costpap
    Although a nice idea which I'd like to see being implemented, I disagree with it being exclusive to Nitro users.
  • エヴァン
    Let's no forget to add a permission for this, wouldn't be cool to see everyone sending random embeds.
  • SpiceCreeperX

    i don't think this is a good feature; the quote feature is already handy for it, and you can just use bots for creating embeds, and if people could do this, it could look a bit freaky

  • Shorty

    You can. You'd have to mod the discord client to register a command or something if you want to integrate it. You can use DiscordPY to send a embed, just dont make a self bot or you will get banned.

  • Shorty


    "It's allowed only for bots which big access for API."

    Your English is so broken I literally cannot understand.


    What is that? Bots can already send embeds?

  • spire

    Only bots can send embeds

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