An option to toggle the dragging and dropping of server lists


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  • undermaster
    Agree! I used to like that long pressing feature and just finding out that it had been removed
  • Suspense
    good idea
  • Soheab_

    Yeah make it like a short and long hold and while you there please bring also to iOS!

  • Trigger215

    I was just about to make a post about this! When I mentioned it in the alpha server, I was told I'd get used to it. But the problem is, it only makes sense on desktop, since you can right click to open the context menu. Mobile has no such thing as right clicking.

  • ramma

    This change makes marking all as read extremely tedious. Realistically, who needs to rearrange their server list more frequently than they need to access something in that menu?

    I have a hunch that if there were a lock server list option you'd have a lot of users enabling it, especially with a change like this making accidentally changing server order so pointlessly easy.

    Hopefully this is just some testing and it's reverted. But as we saw with the emoji selector change, even if it is soon removed there's a high chance it's added back shortly after irrelevant of if people vote and voice opinions here.

  • ✧ Mikau ✧

    ^ I agree that it makes it extremely tedious. I don't; see why we couldn't keep it as an option so we can choose what we want to do, and even if it is for server folders - we can choose the Sort option in order to make it so we don't accidentally REMOVE the server from the folder later on trying to mark it as read.


    If there was a lock server list option like you said, I would most definitely opt into it, as I mark things as read or use it as an easy access to settings way more than I move my already organized-by-activity server list. The only way I can see this quick sorting being useful is for fresh, unorganized server lists or for the first launch of server folders where everyone still needs to sort theirs. 

  • BenHeman

    That feature was functional just days ago, why was it opt out, to add a second feature? Cause that would be silly. Bring it back! 

  • kabii

    Keep in mind that this change is likely entirely for the sake of the server folders UI, so that you can drag-and-drop to create server folders across all clients. 

  • DragoCubed

    They could've added aerver folders to the sort servers UI which is what we had before.

  • DragoCubed

    Thank you for making this suggestion mesub!

  • ZeroLelouch
    Open the menu by double tapping on a server ico and to easily mark as read, mute it or to access server settings.
  • Suspense
    yes good idea +1
  • Miss Saphira

    Please bring this feature back!

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