Make user able to change the idle timeout so if someone goes idle, their status will change from online to idle after a certain time that the user has set


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    I would like to see that very much too. I've been waiting for someone to ask if that's an option for a while now. If this does end up being a thing, thank you very much. I personally think it would be better if gobaly everyone would have the same timeout but just very shortened, to 3-5 minutes rather than around 10. Many times it has happened for me to go somewhere and comeback while im still online and people kept messaging me. A lot of times my friends would go idle and i wouldn't even know until like 5-10minutes after. Doesn't sound like a big deal but in the moment it is very much frustrating at times. I just wanted to support this post. So if it does appear in any of the new updates i appreciate it greately!
    Hope all are good!

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