Account disabled for TOS violation


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  • BonJ

    You can basically give up buddy, Discord support team is a whole group of lazy people and they won't bother giving us a professional answer or an actual response
    With that said, once your account is disabled with or without reasons, no matter you actually did it or not, the account is lost forever and there's no hope of recovering it.

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  • Rafael the 2nd coming

    Hey thanks for the reply !
    Well I suspected that the support was not open to discussion, nonetheless I can't just simply give up, its an important account associated with a bunch of servers & people (friends) & it will be a great loss for me, so I must continue to try before it get deleted...
    (+ Apparently some people have managed to recover their accounts, so maybe if I continue to force the discussion, they will agree for a talk, after all I can't stay on such a judgment...)

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