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  • Boat

    Hello ,First i would like thank you for making this topic 

    Second of all, in case of you haven't heard yet of twemoji yet i suggest for to take at it or search it up for more information ,but here's a quick idea about... it's called like that cause it's mix of two words which are "twitter" and "emoji" which means the style of emojis that twitter uses about the clown emoji ,it's white just like that cause most of clowns and their original look is simply white ,it doesn't has anything to do with black people cause it technically doesn't show the skin under the mascara which is on the clown's face ,and about the reason why clown girl emoji doesn't exists is that ,that emoji not made yet as or included in any other emoji list

    At the end of all of this ,i hope what i wrote to just helped you and excuse me if my grammar was bad and there was any misunderstanding 

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