Ability to mute @ role mentions


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  • LoganDark

    Especially useful in Discord servers that have an @Members role that the staff abuse for announcements. No matter how hard you mute the channel and server, you aren't getting out of that ping unless you block the staff member. Which could pose an issue, if they ever find out you blocked them, you're probably getting an instant ban.

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  • Silverpaws

    Yes exactly!! This feature would solve that problem and I'm glad I'm not the only one with it.

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  • TheShadowEevee

    This is actually a really good idea. I feel like there should also be a version of this per channel too, like in some server's I will have people pinging roles for no reason in random channels where I would have no reason to go normally, but other channels it's necessary to be able to get role pinged. Having the ability to suppress this in certain channels would go a long way just like the suggestion above!

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