Add option to reverse chat order to show the oldest chats at the bottom and new chat at the top


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  • Kübi

    I’m not sure this makes sense.

    Social media feeds and mail clients already often display newest items on top, so I don’t know what you’re on about, talking about cultural differences. That being said, Discord chats are not social media feeds or mail inboxes, where multiple unrelated items are displayed. Multiple messages on Discord are (most of the time) part of a conversation, which only makes sense to be read in the order it was originally held. And all (or almost all) writing systems used in the world today are read from top to bottom in some way – so ‘time’, i.e. reading order, should always go from top to bottom.

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  • Nossarian

    Is it the standard because people expect it, or do people expect it because it's the standard? The order would be preserved regardless of the order it's displayed, because it would be a per-client option. This isn't a demand to enforce it on everyone. I, personally, would appreciate the option, and it would also open up accessibility on top of the other things I mentioned.


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  • Stephanafro

    I support this solely for the fact that it would make a lot of sense for information channels if this could be configured on a per-channel basis. It would make certain channels a lot more accessible, such as channels in which you want users to see the first introductory messages as opposed to the later addendums to the channel.

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