Please make it harder to delete individual posts on mobile


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  • SerenDark

    There is a confirmation prompt though. At least on iOS.
    I hold down on the message, tap delete, and a confirmation comes up asking if I am sure I want to delete the message, yes/no.

  • Nintendult

    Hmm, there certainly doesn't seem to be a prompt on Android in my experience.

  • Kiteraya Hone - MirjaH OC stash

    There is no confirmation prompt on Android. I just accidentally deleted something and I'm an admin on a big server, which makes me want to not use the thing at all. Thing is, I'm not on my laptop all day long and the mobile app is the only way for me to get things done on the go.

  • 💀n

    Please add a confirmation before deleting something in android mobile discord, I've been accidentally deleting posts that I was only intending to add a reaction to.

  • elmenda452


  • Candy

    I accidentally tapped the delete button for my post when I long pressed to open the menu. Please add the confirmation button.

  • Seong-Min Soi - MirjaH OC stash

    This is ridiculous, that Android mobile app is missing a crucial confirmation prompt! The amount of accidental deletions is horrendous. If the deletion could be undone, it would be different.

    As an admin on a 1000+ members server, and Android user, this makes me a real liability for the server. This is not a small issue and I really don't understand why Discord keeps on ignoring this!

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