Keep Discord mobile from hogging the audio stream.


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  • bklynnets12

    Agreed - i hate having to mute & deafen the VC when making a call as my chat mates will hear everything I say to the caller and I can still hear them. The audio should separate automatically so that when making a separate call in a different app discord auto mute/deafens



    The first time I realized this I eas ordering dinner by Credit card over the phone and realized they could hear me when they started repeatng the fist 4 digits of my credit card # back.i promptly mutrd but had no clue the mic was active on both calls when no other app behaves this way and discord doesnt warn you of this feature/bug.

  • Cidal_DanK

    Also, when listening to music via discord with my friends, I almost cant on my phone because it sounds so bad. At least the option.

  • Coach Jeff

    Still no resolution?

  • ShompiFlen

    I also would like to be able to switch between call mode and media mode, because in call mode the app has a passive incoming audio noise reduction and makes music bots and other things to sound horrible. 

  • HighTemplar

    Please please this! I want to just listen to a channel but not through my phone speaker. Should have a listen option that just plays audio through the media channel.

  • Criterium

    When will this be resolved. cause its just so god dam annoying

    Legit im trying to listen to a song in a discord server with my mates and the quality sucks so badly. No bass and the singing is awful. Its pretty stupid.

    Please discord fix this,,,


    - Criterium


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