Ability to change peoples roles on mobile


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  • Andony
    Well, if you're on Android it's already possible actually, If you wanna change roles of someone in the chat just press their pfp until this menu pops out : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/490889166570258432/534668734422581278/unknown.png (You can also just click on their username in the member list to have this menu) And click on "Manage User".
  • ottonomy

    Editing user roles is possible in iOS if your server permissions allow it. Tap on server name at top of sidebar, choose Server Settings, scroll down and tap Members, find and tap on a member, then tap Edit Roles. That's awkward, though. There should be a way for admins to do this directly via User Settings / Profile.

  • Pagan 💬
  • Dɪᴏ

    Yes, we need it. Us mobile users want to give out roles fast.

  • lumb'er
    good idea.

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