Importing Discord games to Steam


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  • TheFutureKnight
    in the situation of wanting to link the games between steam and discord, technically the only way is to install from steam and importing to Discord as the other way doesn't work
  • Denzel

    Came across this issue as well. I have FTL on Steam and Discord both since I have Nitro. But it doesn't seem there's any way for save files to transfer between the versions, other than manually editing the documents. It would be nice for the cloud saves to be shared between platforms, but I can see why Discord doesn't allow that.

  • Jackeroonie

     So how would one import the Steam games to the library of discord? 

  • Tazeps ♫♪

    I want to know the same thing. I have my discord option to import non-discord games on but It only got 2 games for some reason.

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