We want regional nitro prices!


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  • [𝕭𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝕷𝖊𝖊𝖟𝖆𝖗𝖉]

    Discord shop will receive more money from Russians (and cis countries too) if it will have regional prices.
    Explains: if game cost 3.200 almost no one will buy it. If game cost 2000 people will be able to buy it. So for store will be better to realize game for 2k rubles and get these 2k rubles, becouse if game costs 3.2k rubles no one (or almost no one) will buy it.
    So store will have much more resultative profit in this region if there will be regional prices.

    Most of civilian Russians (sadly) have only 18-25 kilo rubles per month, 50% of these money goes to communal payment (electricy, water, gas, etc), some money for food. Some money for transport. So "free amount of money" what people can have is very small, so people just WILL NOT BUY anything that costs TOO much, and will prefer just another platform, which one gives us a better price.
    And not. This is not whining fow "we are lazy, we have small payment", no. Sadly, but social politic in cis countries is just almost anti-social, becouse MOST of civilians have 18-20k per month, but politicians have 150-200k. Think about it.

    Sorry for bad English, I'm not using Google translate becouse if I will use it, the result will be even worse :D
    Thank you.

  • Ceylin

    I agree.

    For someone living in Turkey I find it more sensible to pay for netflix and spotify subscriptions combined since they have regional pricing and give out more content for what I pay, I would love to support discord and I use their services, but it makes it harder for them to make money and us Turks (or any other countries that are struggling to pay 9.99$) to support since I do not see anybody around me paying that much even though they want to help and love this app.

  • Tixelpip

     I just want it in £ lol, converting it is a pain, especially with fluctuating conversion rates.

  • Frosty
  • Morningstar

    Well I pretty sure that nitro is properly priced like all others since it doesn't need different prices in different nations.

  • GT162

    Nitro already has regional pricing, just doesn't exist in India yet.

  • LockDzn

    Apoio muito!

  • Candy

    Apoio também, até porque não estou conseguindo comprar pelo paypal ou cartão normal e não tem outras maneira...

  • Kamille

    É importante também adicionar que ao comprarmos em dólar existem taxas como o IOF que irão recair sobre essa compra, então uma transação que deveria, hoje, custar por volta dos 40 reais pode sair quase 50 reais por conta dessas taxas e cobranças.

    O ideal seria fazer como em lojas de aplicativos (Play Store) em que dólar é congelado num valor - alterado de tempos em tempos - e os preços fixados nesse valor e aplicados em reais, assim a compra é dada como nacional e sai mais em conta, estimulando novos usuários.



    EN version

    A friend of mine made a suggestion of a fixed price for Nitro in Brazil, since the currencies flunctuation can make a product more expensive than previously thought by the user. As well as bank and transfer fees that might be applied.

    I suggested that Discord would do like Play Store, which freezes the dolar/insert here any currency you like values therefore allowing for prices to be consistent. This also helps to make the transaction a national one, avoinding the international fees that come with that sort of action.

    I'm not sure if the prices are ok with the currency's value, at least in Brazil was ok for Nitro Classic on the monthly option. But Discord could - and must - review its prices policies if it wants do grow and compete with other game-offering plataforms.

  • Jean

    I would like to request a price for the Brazilian currency (Real) because of the fees to be paid to convert to the dollar. $ 9.99 = R$ 39.00. These values are absurd

  • Commander Ninjutsu

    PS. Please, Make this text Gramarly Enable Extension, forus out of US can talk with few or without errors of grammar.



  • thetechguy
    yeah currencies should show based on your location or country
  • thetechguy
    agreed. we need this.
  • 🎶🎧Otaku Gamer🎧🎶

    Apoiado, tragam o discord nitro para o Brasil pelo Real

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