Push notifications for large servers on channel by channel bases.


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  • Isaac Bear

    I second this request. I am a moderator on a server and would like to keep aware of activity in the moderator only channel but I mostly only use mobile and my server is quite large. Allowing a specific override switch for role restricted channels under a certain size would be greatly appreciated.

  • The Boo

    @username I know this... The problem is if your server grows to over 2500 members, discord shuts off push notifications for anything but mentions on all channels. They do not tell you they do this but I just spent a few days with discord support figuring out why I no longer receive push notifications for the server I mod on. They do this to reduce strain on their servers which is understandable.

    What I am asking for is the ability to turn on push notifications for role restricted channels in the server instead of just a blanket shut down. If a channel is restricted to a certain number of people (a mod chat channel for example), maybe less than 100 users, we could turn on push notifications without worrying about bogging down the servers

  • The Boo

    Again, this does not work if the server is over 2500 people.

  • The Boo



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