Bring back the old Android ping badge


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  • Caksuta
    The ping badge is better the old one round ping is better then a cube ping
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  • Burn

    Yes, as a long-term discord user, it seems very weird having the round symbol instead of the square one. The old one just looked so much nicer.

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  • Arceus3251

    I prefer the older one, it seems the modern trend these days is "remove corners" But a notification is something that's suppose to get your attention, something round as a circle doesn't get the sharper attention that a square does in my opinion

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  • Rils

    This isn't the same sort of request as the other one discord referred us to, but I want the square mention icon back.

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  • !Takes a Carcino

    Bring it back on pc as well please, this new one ruins it, the one we've always known is part of the discord spirit, the culture that has been developed its a meme, an emoji, iconic, anyone can recognize it

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