Discord Nitro on ios not just Nirto Classic


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  • LessH0pe

    D agreed

  • ! Galletita Oreo
    this is a cuestion or a suggestion?
  • 🌴nickWtn🌴

    elfybacon technically the iOS app does say you can only manage your subscription through the desktop app in the nitro section on user settings on the iOS discord app.. unfortunately you will never see nitro as a option on iOS to buy unless Apple changes there policy about buying things that you can’t actually use in the app

  • D-tor

    I did the same thing; paid for Nitro via Apple. I couldn't boost a server cuz I chose Classic and now I can't unsubscribe/refund the Classic to upgrade to the full version of Nitro without waiting the WHOLE YEAR of my Nitro to run out 

  • KyTaLyA

    I am currently dealing with this exact issue. I didn't even realize when I first purchased classic on my phone that there was more than one, and I did the year subscription. Now my only option is to try and get a refund from Apple if I try to cancel I guess? As it is now, just "canceling" just turns off auto renew, it doesn't actually cancel. So I am now debating whether trying to get Nitro at all if I am going to have to go through this much hassle!

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    What games would you be able to get if you only had mobile and had the $9.99 nitro?
  • Dogepenguin

    only if it comes with a massive disclosure that the only benefit you get on mobile is the free boost. 

  • n0rth_star

    Same boat as Ky. Its frustrating that theres no way upgrade after you've made the purchase, especially for a whole year, and it is extremely disappointing. The fact that you can't pay an extra fee or something to upgrade from classic to full nitro is is a massive disservice to current customers, and I'm sure we're not the only ones in this boat right now. I can also see them losing out on potential customers because of this, and to be quite honest I'm feeling heated enough that this makes me not want to give any more money to them at all. It feels like a waste of my time and money and is frankly upsetting that i paid for something I don't want and can't get the service that I do want without having to take the long way around. I hate dealing with apple store customer support and it would be nice to have better options.

  • Nebula

    Same issue I’m just trying to boost my damn server haha

  • KyTaLyA

    Just an update, Apple won't even give me a refund or let me completely cancel my subscription, so now I'm stuck on classic til 2020. Worst purchase I have ever made. Will never spend another dime on discord after this, absolutely ridiculous. 

  • Asabi

    I am having the exact same problem. Please help.

  • Emmanuel
    If you want to have this version, you can be on your phone on the web (mobile) version by setting the computer mode.
  • TheOneandOnlyQ

    1. this is irrelevant to the topic (which is about the overlay)

    2. it will (probably) never happen because i don't think apple / google will allow side-loading apps from other sources (ie. discord)

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