Give Partners more incentive to keep their partnership before Server Boosting makes it obsolete


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  • Valcrye

    I agree, personally I think it’s unfair that for 2 boosters, you get the same VIP voice bitrate, and splash images. Partners do need a lot more in all honesty

  • Mugen

    I respectfully disagree, I understand that you might be frustrated if you run a partnered server but still what's the point in keeping all those exclusive privileges locked behind partnership when officially parterned servers constitute the minority? Personally I have always fantasized about some of the perks, especially extra emojis slots so it's a wet dream come true for a regular discord user like me. Furthermore you can rest assured, only massive servers with over 10k members at least will manage to rightfully secure the 3rd tier requiring 50 boosts. Realistically, there's just no way your average discord will ever pull that off and that's actually a good thing because as it stands tiers are neatly balanced from my perspective. To be honest, partnership has always been an exceptional benefit in the first place to the point that I'd kill just to get that rare partner badge alone. So seeing how you're basically undervaluing partnership while blackmailing discord completely boggles my mind. Perhaps you have always taken your partnership perks for granted  still it doesn't change the fact that you instantly unlocked them the VIP way through your influence, and unlike regular servers who will need to gather support from members in order to apply boosts, you guys aren't renting those perks, just saying... Lastly, I don't quite get why any server should get rewarded by Discord for having decent moderation when such a minimum standard should only be expected, especially in partnered servers but I'll assume that's written in the partnership contract. Just my two cents. 🤔

  • BullDog3g

    I agree, it's not fair to get same perks as 2 boosters because it's much harder to get your server partnered.


  • Valcrye

    Well my point in this is that it is difficult to be able to get a partnership, honestly, I don’t have one but I just feel that the partner benefits shouldn’t be able to be matched simply by 2 boosters. It doesn’t really do justice. Yes, I understand for some of them with 50k plus members it’s bound to reach 50 boosters instantly but what I’m saying is that discord partners are in existence because discord feels that they are a good representation to the business, and they basically make a mutual agreement to it. Personally if I was to pick people to be the face of the community, I’d make sure they are satisfied with the service first and foremost. It takes partners months or years of building a community to be able to make it to be eligible for partnership. In no way are we undervaluing it or blackmailing discord. Only sharing our opinions that partners should always have the opportunity to be one step in front.

  • Mugen

    You might have a point there but to be blunt that doesn't mean regular discord users like me who will struggle to secure the first tier at least should be relegated to oblivion while partners keep getting pampered when they aren't even paying anything to sustain their VIP perks.

  • Valcrye

    OH! Yeah I know what you mean, yeah it’s a good thing that discord is boosting the ability of members without them even having to pay anything on larger servers and whatnot, I just am meaning that hopefully something unique can be made as a partner benefit specifically to further distinguish. But yes I do understand what you mean

  • Mugen

    I also get what you mean and perhaps some disappointed partners might request exclusive perks from Discord in the future but still I gotta clarify one major detail: technically Nitro boosting does require payment as the one way system demands a server to stack its members with an active Nitro subscription in order to progress towards unlocking boosting tiers, but yeah nitroless members who constitute the majority of discord users will have it easy as they'll benefit effortlessly from the contribution of Nitro users. If anything, boosters are the ones who deserve more perks but I'm already very grateful for the upcoming feature which is simply breathtaking. In fact, Discord exceeded by far my expectations in such an amazing way in my opinion uwu.

  • Lengo
    I agree that partners should have more features but I’m not sure why’d they want to cancel their partnership...
  • Alex.

    One of the only things I don't like about Server Boosting is exactly this. I mean the hell, they even get animated Server Icons and more Emojis. Makes Partner(or Verified Status) almost worthless to get. My opinion.

  • Mugen

    If I could apply for partnership I'd be definitely glad to benefit most of the boosting perks plus more totally for free, but that's just my opinion. 🦁

  • Alex.

    I know what you mean.

    I actually would already be happy if they would give the Partners the same Perks as Boosted Servers.

  • KuletXCore

    From the SFM discord (which is a partnered one):

    The reason behind this is because this feature is being advertised as being beneficial for the community, while it's only beneficial to Discord themselves and no one else.

    Most of the so-called rewards are already available to partners, and this is a reminder that this server is a partnered one. Therefore, Boosting will only benefit the platform holder, not you or us, since most of the "rewards" are already available for us. It really is pointless for content creators. Speaking from my own point of view, I'd donate to a community directly, rather than buy something that is sold by a multi-(m/b)illion dollar company with a lot of shareholders that can afford to dictate such a big platform what to do, while nothing is given to the content creator, except for rewards of a rather questionable value.

    That being said, please be advised that if you decide to Boost the server regardless of our request, you will get NOTHING in return.


    I think the creator should have compensation for their server being boosted.
    Partnered and verified servers get slightly less than a boosted server.

    or make it so that Partnered servers will have the perks of the 50-boost tier automatically, and it will not expire.

  • Mark Doyle

    "Just 50 boosts" You're aware that 50 boosts = $500US a month? You think it's unfair partners "only" get that? Seems reasonable to me. 

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