alternate boosting method.


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  • Valcrye
    actually, yeah I do greatly agree with this idea, if there was a way to pay for a boost only without nitro benefits or addons or something, kind of like how twitch prime includes the ability to sub, or you could sub for $5, i think this would be an amazing addition.

    I think they should be a 1 time fee and be able to make more than 1 server be able to be boosted

  • Null

    This is a great idea to benefit small communities and users who don't want the other Nitro features. In the worst case scenario of them never giving new nitro classic subscribers boosts, this would also give them a way to boost a favorite server without jumping to double the price with nitro premium. This also would let Discord capitalize on currently lost revenue of a third group of users that flat out don't want or can't justify nitro classic being able to their community server(s) at a lower cost or by supporting more servers/levels but no self benefit.

  • lewnatic

    I'm hoping at least they offer an option for Nitro Classic users to get boosts. I don't really have a use for the game service right now, but I absolutely have a use for the boosts.

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