Please expedite the server boost rollout


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  • Mugen

    One of my friend's server got early nitro boosting yesterday and I was very happy for him but also kinda jelly at the same time. 😆😭
    Praying hard that my server won't be one of the last to get boosting.

  • Magnus

    I totally agree. The staggered rollout with luck of the draw is very frustrating!

  • /aMpeDuPTV

    I have to agree 100% on this one - the lucky servers get a huge unfair advantage. Meanwhile I've been a Discord Nitro supporter for a year or so and have only gotten the server boost on my own test server where I and a half dussin bots hang out. But my real server that's quite large haven't, neither have the 3-4 middle sized server I'm running have gotten it.

    It's obviously really stupid for me to boost a server where I'm the only human that can enjoy the perks. In fact, of the ~45 servers I'm in only 3 (one is mine) has the server boost feature still.. Been the same for maybe a week at this point.

    If it's still at a beta stage I can report in and volunteer to help you try it out and I think you should take request like that if it's not possible to roll it out in the coming day or so.

    Thanks for being so awesome anyways Discord, you have really made your mark in history for gamers, streamers, communityn and other content creators the last ~3-4 years!

    Best regards,
    aMp aka Tommy 

  • OGKush| 🅶ᔕᖴ

    + this!

    OGKush aka gET_vEGAS

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