Let You buy Nitro Boosts


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  • MuyHiram

    What about letting Server Owners buy or subscribe to the Booster level they want.

  • Captain Glume

    Yes, I don't WANT all the games. zero interest. What I'd much rather have is the ability to buy a subscription for my server directly, perhaps by donations etc to beef it up. My group's number is less then 10 so we can't even get to level 2.

  • Phantomwalker

    As a smaller server person myself. I obviously want to see at least the T1 rewards being used on my own server...

    But at the same time I would rather use that one boost I have on another larger server that has a better chance to use it in a meaningful way and to show my support on that server. It feels unfair to use my boost on my own server not knowing if anyone else in the server will care about the rewards or want to increase the level of our server. Most of my members are poor college students who don't really have time for games at this point in their lives, let alone subscriptions to gain access to even more games they may not be interested in/don't own.

    I bought my Nitro subscription when they released them to support the Discord platform. I don't really care about the add-on games. That's a nice perk but I don't think I've used it in any real capacity to date either.

    Please consider this or a similar option for smaller server owners to show continued support to the discord platform and/or their own communities/server, as well as be able to gain something useful out of it... (An alternate idea may be to award a boost or portion of a boost to the purchaser of a nitro gift subscription, so they can then use it where they see fit.) This could encourage smaller server owners/those who are not financially burdened to possibly pick up another subscription(s) just to get benefits where they would like to see them used.

    Gifting a Nitro sub to someone in your server doesn't guarantee any form of benefit to your own server from what I'm seeing. Apologies if I sound greedy with this statement but there's really no motivation to buy someone a gifted nitro sub other than generosity to that user/the platform, or you don't have better plans for your money. With Twitch sub gifting you're unlocking that channel's emotes for that user (same as Nitro.) But you're also contributing to that community as a whole by encouraging someone to come back to that community and use it's emotes in a way that makes other people want to visit or recognize that community. The current cool-down in place is nice to prevent abuse of the system to some extent, and that could stay around, but why not offer the ability to add further support to more than one community of your choice in a similar fashion as you would see on twitch or other platforms that support gifting/donations of premium services?

    Sorry in advance for the wordiness of this post, and thank you for considering this as an option.

  • Captain Glume

    Yes, I agree. It would be really really nice if donation could be aimed at the server specifically and if the server could be the "boss" when it came to it's perks.

  • xlLAAGlx

    Or like I suggested. Let server owners just buy all those perks in monthly packages instead of relying on other people to give the boosts to us

  • SillyDogGaming

    I will just leave this here

  • FutroRing

    I think boosters should be like server currency. Once you've spent it, it's there forever, and the only way to refund it is if the server is deleted or if the server manager simply returns all the boosts back.

    You should be able to purchase more boosts and spend them on servers, for a price like $1-2 as Patrick6 said. That way, you don't have to manage one boost that make servers lose progress if you want to use it on another server.

    You should also be able to get boosts without a Nitro subscription. It would be an easy way to help Discord without the commitment of Nitro or Nitro Classic. Not everyone is willing to put in $5 a month, but a dollar or so sometimes is reasonable. Or, if it would make less sense to do that, at least make server boosting available to Nitro Classic users.

    I think Discord themselves are in the baby phases of this feature, and I'm sure they are up for suggestions on how to improve it. Allowing the purchases of infinite boosts would be a great way to help servers and help Discord.

  • Ichii

    So what's the point to pay for Nitro Games ? They make server boost possible for nitro games on purpose of the advantage that Server Boost gives to the server :/ If everyone can boost if they pay just one or two dollards then paying nitro games for something else than games will be very useless


  • Dann
    Neeeh, it's not a good idea.
  • The Speaker

    I use a Discord server as a business platform in order to talk with the comminity/fanbase around a game I'm working on, and I do not want to ask my fans for boosts I would much rather pay a huge monthly fee to get the vanity URL and make the Discord server look professional. In cases like these, and those small group owned servers with less than 10 people who want all the features, there should be an option to pay a monthly subscription to achieve boost levels. It's not pay to win, it's a respectable business model. 

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