Nitro Server Boosting: Representation For Smaller Servers.


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  • TheDude

    Perfectly said. My only idea that I could add would be that the small servers (such as mime or yours) that have 30-50 members could have some sort of permanent points to work towards via boosting. Since it's just too pricey to keep it going every month

  • 猫耳は命です。

    They should scale it based on server size and require a direct percentage of boosters, yes.

    Alternatively, they could just let admins pay directly for a given level based on the resource/bandwidth usage of their server, my server literally doesn't have enough people for anything past level 1.

  • Novel Idea

    This sounds wonderful. As my server is about 120 people, I'd very much like to be able to get a normal percentage to benefit my community. 

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